COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resource Links

MSIA is acutely aware that the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is an escalating global health concern. In light of this, we are fully committed to maintaining all services critical to the welfare of our member Districts and will continue to deliver preparedness and response efforts during this crisis.

The resource links below were selected to highlight relevant staff, service provider, and industry risk control resources. In addition, we have compiled important public and regulatory links to help keep our members informed during this pandemic.  As always, please contact your team of JPA staff if you need clarification or additional assistance.

These interim guidelines outline required control measures California employers must implement and document within their written Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).


Facility Use Toolkit:

The use of member facilities is subject to additional risk management considerations and the following resources are being provided to members to assist in those efforts.


Lessor/Vendor/Event Sponsor Risk Management: 


Recommended District Counsel Review: 

It is strongly recommended that member Districts review their current agreements and any changes and/or amendments with District Counsel.  Current agreements should be reviewed for clauses relevant to COVID-19 that may limit another party’s liability.  Examples include diseases exclusions and force majeure clauses.


Participant Waivers and Hold Harmless Agreements:



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