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Self-Insured Program Administration Services

MSIA contracts with York to handle the day-to-day operations of the group providing underwriting, financial, claims, and general risk management.

Workers' Compensation Services

We cover lost wages and medical treatment resulting from an employee’s work-related injury or illness. MSIA claims are handled by our TPA, York.

Nurse Triage Services

Nurse Triage services are provided by CarivaCare. In non-emergency situations, CarivaCare is the first point of contact for injured workers and their supervisors.

Property and Liability Claims Services

We cover property and liability claims resulting from incidents. MSIA claims are handled by our TPA, Keenan & Associates.

Certificate of Coverage

A certificate of coverage provides policy details and is evidence of program coverage. If you need a certificate of coverage to fulfill a contract requirement, please request a certificate.

Loss Control Services

To help prevent claims, establish controls, and manage costs, members can utilize our Injury and Illness Prevention Program.