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AB 2040 Compliance
In accordance with Assembly Bill 2040, effective on January 1, 2015, MSIA districts are required to disclose to the State Controller’s Office the annual compensation of elected officials, officers, and employees by amending/adding Government Code sections 12463, 53892, and 53908.

for the State Controller’s Government Compensation Information which shows that MSIA elected officers receive no financial compensation.  
Bickmore has released its new Contractual Risk Transfer (CRT) Manual, which is available to the MSIA members, as well as all of the Bickmore Program Administration clients. CRT is used for contracts/agreements, special event permits, participation agreements, and many other situations when agencies obtain products, services, or permits activities on agency properties. The manual simplifies the CRT process. Click HERE to access the Bickmore website and request a copy of the CRT manual. 
Contractual Risk Transfer Manual Video
 About MSIA

The Marin Schools Insurance Authority (MSIA) is a Joint Powers Authority established in 1985 to self-insure in the areas of workers' compensation, property, liability, dental, and vision. Members may partake in one or more of the sponsored programs.

MSIA is comprised of the Marin County Office of Education, 18 school districts and one Transportation District. For a list of the members, click here: MSIA MEMBERS

about MSIA

 Our Vision

Educational leaders committed to working collaboratively to deliver outstanding risk management programs for Marin schools.

 Our Mission

To utilize innovative risk management practices for the safety and conservation of our members’ human, financial and capital resources.


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