Summary of Programs

Workers' Compensation Coverage

We provide coverage for workers’ compensation losses incurred under the State of California Workers’ Compensation Law and Statutes and within the limits of program coverage. FASIS claims are handled by our Third Party Administrator, Athens Administrators.

FASIS retains the first $750,000 of each loss for workers’ compensation and employer’s liability and shares the risk among the members. The workers’ compensation program also extends to include excess coverage above the pool’s threshold through the Local Agency Workers’ Compensation Excess Joint Powers Authority (LAWCX), up to statutory coverage limits. Specific coverage includes:
1.First Layer Excess Coverage provided through LAWCX – $750,001 to $5,000,000 (including 4850 benefits).
2.Second Layer Excess Coverage provided through LAWCX through the California State Association of Counties – Excess Insurance Authority (CSAC-EIA) – $5,000,001 to statutory coverage limits.
3.Employer’s Liability Coverage (through LAWCX) – $5,000,000.

For more information about this program, as well as additional layers of excess coverage in place, please contact our staff.


Employee Assistance Program Coverage

FASIS provides its members with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through a contract with Managed Health Network (MHN) Services.

The EAP is a pass-through coverage program administered by FASIS and members deal directly with FASIS staff on rate notifications, renewals, invoices, and payments; however, benefit questions are handled directly by MHN.

The EAP provides confidential services for member employees and their families in dealing with personal and workplace-related problems. These problems include, but are not limited to, relationships, alcohol/drugs, legal/mediation issues, stress, financial, emotional, and dependent care.