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 Injury and Claims Contact

Accurate and prompt reporting of injuries will help to direct the employee to appropriate care, begin benefits in a timely manner, and allow the claims administrator to make timely and informed decisions regarding claims.

Members are encouraged to work with the MSIA Third Party Administrator, York Insurance Services, Inc., in providing decisions regarding specific claims, and answering questions from Member staff as well as employees.

Below is a list of the cast of players in the MSIA Workers' Compensation Program Arena.

 Contact Information

Nurse Triage services are provided by Encompass Health Solutions.  In non-emergency situations, EHS is the first point of contact for injured workers and their supervisors.

If the injury is an emergency situation, please call 911 immediately.

To report a non-emergency work place injury, please call: (877) 247-7710.

Claims Administration is provided by York Risk Services Group, Inc., (York).  Once a claim has been reported, York staff manages the claim until closure.    

Title Contact Name Email Phone Fax
Future Medical/Medical Only Examiner Ms. Cindy Hehner


(916) 960-0979                       
Senior Claims Examiner Ms. Cindy Hehner


(916) 960-0979 (866) 548-2637
Unit Manager Ms. Julie Long Julie.Long@yorkrsg.com (916) 746-8896 (866) 548-2637
President of Western Region Claims Mr. Jon Pease


(805) 288-4243 



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